Unexplained increase in graffiti vandalism costing Davis thousands

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DAVIS, Calif. (KTXL) — Davis police are investigating after the city said it has seen a considerable increase in graffiti vandalism. 

“Definitely seen a very large uptick,” Deputy Chief Paul Doroshov said. “Everywhere. Downtown has been hit, around parks. Just around a lot of public zones, commercial zones.”

Doroshov said it has really picked up over the last month and it doesn’t look like it is slowing down. Just this past week, the department reported more than a dozen incidents. 

“It’s definitely an uptick. We don’t know why,” Doroshov said. 

While the graffiti isn’t vulgar or gang-related, it is still costing the city. The cost of cleanup is currently about $10,000, and that is only for the public areas. 

“A lot of businesses and residential got hit, so there’s an added cost of the private cleanup,” Doroshov said. 

While Davis has had graffiti vandalism before, the difference now is that the number of incidents is increasing at a faster rate. 

“Human nature, you kind of expect people to do things,” resident Matt Christen said. 

Christen lives in Davis, but he didn’t know tagging had been a serious issue. While he doesn’t condone or endorse vandalism, he wonders if having a sanctioned place might stop people from tagging public and private property. 

“Kids get bored. They will find ways to entertain themselves. I’m not sure who is doing it,” Christen said. 

Christen might be on the right track; police are asking parents to keep a close eye on what their children are doing. 

“Parents, check your kid’s backpacks. If they have huge markers or paint, ask them why,” Doroshov said. 

While police investigate, the cleanup continues. 

“This isn’t cool and it’s their community too,” Doroshov said. 

Police are asking people to report tagging if they see it happening so they can catch those doing it. 

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