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SACRAMENTO — For people and creatures alike, Tiscornia Park is one of Sacramento’s most popular water spots.

But there’s something else lurking there, just below the surface.

So far no one has gotten sick and there have been no warnings against fishing, one of the most popular uses of the beach for this time of year. But the Central Valley Water Board say the fish are sharing the water with E. coli bacteria.

In one sample, it was seven times the amount considered safe.

“I’m afraid of the water I can’t see at the bottom,” said Sacramento resident Deyshawn Harris.

The high levels were echoed at nearby sites in Discovery Park as well.

The lower American River last year made the list of California’s impaired waters because of E. coli. Groups dedicated to preserving the American pointed to poor sewage processing and homeless encampments that dot the river’s banks.

“I think they should fix it,” said Sacramento resident Peter Xiong. “There’s a lot of camps actually. If you walk down river you can see there’s a whole village out there.”

Health experts say most E. coli strains are harmless but that the spiking levels are a warning that the local waters could present a real health risk.


A few things to remember while you’re out there, don’t swallow the water and shower after swimming or coming in contact with the water.