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Lawyers were in a Sacramento County courtroom Friday morning for a hearing regarding a deadly staircase accident in Folsom where a 26-year-old man died at the Legends at Willowcreek Apartments when a staircase collapsed in 2015.

Yuan, a graduate student from the Bay Area, was visiting friends when the apartment staircase collapsed with him on top.

FOX40 learned from Folsom city officials, dry rot, or decaying wood, was to blame for the collapse. The family’s attorney Mary Alexander says the building owners knew about these issues since 2006.

“What we hope will come out of this case is that there will be legislation that the apartment and other building owners have to look every six years and investigate for dry rot and fix it,” Alexander said.

Alexander did not say how much compensation her clients would like to receive, it’ll be up to a jury to determine how much the family receives from the buildings owners and contractors.