Upper Land Park neighborhood looks to city leaders after fatal shooting of girl, man

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A neighborhood in Upper Land Park was rocked by tragedy when a young girl and man were shot and killed Tuesday night. 

People living in the neighborhood said the area is notorious for violent crimes, but the killing of a child is not something anyone had anticipated. 

“I was in my room just relaxing watching TV and things, and all I heard was a ‘pow!’” Danny Partridge said. 

What was a quiet night for Partridge and his mother Jameelaa Allen quickly turned into chaos as shots were fired near their home on 5th Street and Seavey Circle. Police said a man was later found dead in the parking lot. 

Authorities also found a critically wounded 7-year-old girl. She was taken to a hospital but died of her injuries.

It’s a scene Partridge and Allen said they have watched unfold too many times in their eight years of living in the area. 

“I don’t know how I feel about it because I know this has happened plenty of times before in the past. A couple months ago we’ve seen SWAT teams pull up before,” Partridge said. 

“We’ve had someone that was close to us that lost their life right here in the same area,” Allen said. 

Allen believes part of the issue for the ongoing violence is poor infrastructure within a low-income neighborhood, which is why they are looking to city leaders for help. 

“This is predictable, unfortunately, what happens when you isolate folks, when you disinvest in them, when you don’t give people access to opportunity, this is what happens,” Councilwoman Katie Valenzuela said. 

With the support of community leaders and Black youth leadership groups, Valenzuela is poised to have city council invest in Upper Land Park. 

“I want us to do the same thing we did in Old Sacramento. I want us to get the entire city and SHRA team together. I want us to make an action plan, and I want us to deliver on that action plan,” Valenzuela said. 

Allen and Partridge hope that help comes soon so tragedies can be prevented. 

“It needs to be secured. It needs to be patrolled and it needs to be done 24/7. We always see violence on television, but when it’s in your yard, when it’s out your door, there’s no words to explain that,” Allen said. 

The victims have been identified as 42-year-old Clifford Hall and 7-year-old Isabel Martin.

Police announced the arrest of a suspect Wednesday afternoon, identifying him as 22-year-old Tyrice Martin, the 7-year-old girl’s uncle. 

They said the shooting began as a “disturbance” between two groups but have not released more information.

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