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VACAVILLE — The city of Vacaville approved a $62,500 settlement for a man acquitted of resisting arrest charges at a closed session Tuesday night.

Francisco Galvan, a former Marine and current college student, was left with a bruised face and broken nose in what started out as a night of going out for drinks with friends back in January of 2015.

It quickly turned into a night of terror when one of the women inside the 25-year-old’s car called the police.

“She knew I was just getting loud, that I wasn’t laying hands on anybody and I wasn’t getting violent,” Galvan told FOX40.

After Galvan says he had already walked away, he says four officers with the Vacaville Police Department attempted to restrain him.

“He has his arm locked around my neck. It turns into a chokehold and my training in the Marines was to drop the weight and open the airway. That’s what I did,” he said.

Galvan suffered several abrasions on his face after he says a Vacaville officer repeatedly hit him while trying to restrain him.

“I felt I was within my right to resist a wrongful arrest,” Galvan said.

He was later taken into custody and charged with resisting arrest but those charges were later dropped.

This week, the city of Vacaville approved the payment to Galvan to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit.

It was something Galvan said was still not enough to cover the damage he’s suffered.

“I haven’t even presented my license plate because I don’t want to resist getting pulled over by one of these guys again,” Galvan said.

Mark Mazaferro with the city of Vacaville said the city council weighed many factors in making a decision on the lawsuit. In a statement, he said, “For a variety of business reasons which did not include any acknowledgment of wrongdoing by any member of the Vacaville Police Department, it was decided that settling would be the best course of action in this instance for the city.”

Galvan said most of the settlement will go toward lawyers fees and money borrowed to prove his innocence. The city of Vacaville said the officers involved in the incident continue to serve the community.