VACAVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — A fire in Vacaville broke out in the same area that was devastated by the LNU Lightning Complex Fire a couple summers ago.

With temperatures topping 100 degrees and flames climbing a Vacaville hillside above Pleasants Valley Road, Jennifer Doughty and her son Dean were thinking, “not again.”

“Depending on how close it gets or what you’ve been through, it’s horrific,” Doughty said.

On a summer night in 2020, they had to drive through flames to escape the LNU Lightning Complex Fire that ravaged this area.

They’re now living in trailers on their property.

“So as soon as that smoke hits, it’s scary. It just brings it all back,” Doughty said.

On this day, Doughty and her family found themselves packing up their belongings once again and moving their animals to safer ground.

But thanks to firefighters, the flames of this fire were were extinguished without any injuries or damage to homes.

“They just really got out here and got it taken care of fast, and we’re all very appreciative because it’s pretty fresh in our minds,” Doughty told FOX40.

On the hillside, the grasses have grown back after a wildfire, becoming fire hazards once again.

“They’re called annual grasses because they grow back every year unless the fire burns so hot that it sterilizes the soil,” Battalion Chief Josh Randol said.

Randol, with Cal Fire, has an important message — It’s one people heard a lot recently.

“The fuel conditions are extremely dry. The relative humidity is extremely low. There’s a perfect potential for a catastrophic fire to happen, especially when the winds are picking up. And there are lots of incidents that could deplete resources,” Randol said.

People can also all learn from the advice of someone who knows the painful losses that a wildfire can cause.

“Don’t start a fire. Don’t throw a cigarette butt out. Don’t be out mowing with a metal blade on a hot day where it could spark something. I mean there’s just so many things that just take some common sense and some thought to prevent some of these things from happening that are just horrific for so many people,” Doughty said.

According to Cal Fire, a total of 10 acres burned in rural Vacaville on Wednesday, and the cause is listed as under investigation.