Vacaville group cancels protest expecting counter-protesters

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VACAVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — Every Sunday, for the past two to three months, about 30 people have made a two-mile roundtrip to the Vacaville Police Department. 

“Usually we go to the Vacaville Police Department and then back,” said resident Connor Fitzgenrald. 

They normally start their march at Andrews Parks but not this Sunday. 

“They went from nothing to everything but in the wrong direction,” Fitzgenrald told FOX40. 

On Sunday, only about a third of the normal crowd showed up. 

Fitzgenrald believes after hundreds began marching late last week in Northern California, his protests started to get attention. 

He says he was even expecting counter-protesters to show up, which is why the crowd was smaller than normal. 

19-year-old Akaila Dickens says her group keeps it peaceful. 

“Something that I, personally, don’t wanna be associated with because that’s not what we’re out here for. I feel like people who go out there to vandalize and loot things are out there for a completely different reason than we are,” Dickens said. 

Dickens say her message is a straightforward one. 

“My main reason is because Black Lives Matter and because I am Black, so my whole point is my life also matters,” Dickens said. 

For Fitzgenrald, the protests and marching that start at the park are spurred on by many things they would like to change, including racial tensions, the economy and even the recent wildfires. 

“I think the fires have been devastating and we need to address climate change,” Fitzgenrald said. 

He says one of the other Sundays they didn’t have protests was because they were handing out water to locals when heavy smoke filled the air. 

“I’m hoping that we can convince people to just come out another time,” Fitzgenrald said. 

Fitzgenrald’s group stayed at Andrews Parks Sunday and did not march or protest.


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