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VACAVILLE — Police say a Vacaville teen did the right thing when she noticed she was in a situation she didn’t want any part of.

So, she took cover behind a truck before running away from a car that was following her.

“It’s a peaceful, well-established neighborhood,” said David Hillman.

Hillman has called the Vacaville neighborhood near Ulatis Drive home for close to three decades.

“In the neighborhood we have people who have been here for a quite a while and they tend to stay,” Hillman said.

It’s a tight knit community where most people living here know who’s coming in and out.

But home surveillance caught a stranger apparently following a young girl in his car earlier this month.

“We don’t hear about things happening like that in our neighborhood especially with the schools being as close as they are,” Hillman explained.

Vacaville police say the family of the unidentified girl reported this strange encounter seen in the footage from a nearby home.

The teen is seen walking on the sidewalk in a residential area near Leisure Town road around 9:30 a.m.

You can see a car drive up to her, before stopping and trying to get her attention.

“He attempted to talk to her, but she wasn’t sure about what he was trying to communicate to her,” Captain Matt Lydon with Vacaville police said.

The girl is then seen hiding behind a parked truck as a car described by police as a dark colored or green Pontiac is seen circling back around to get her attention.

“Anytime an adult male is trying to get the attention of a teen who doesn’t know him, it’s concerning,” Lydon said.

After a few seconds, the car leaves before the teen is able to get away.

Now, police say they’re searching for the driver.

“Appeared to be driven by a black male in his 20’s, light skin with dreadlocks hairstyle,” Lydon said.

Police say there is no crime at this point, but they want to identify the car and the driver to find out his intentions.

“We want to know the motive,” Lydon said.

While people living here in the area are commending the teen for her actions, they’re keeping their eyes open just in case it happens again.

“We do tend to watch out for each other,” Hillman said.

If you have any information on the driver or the vehicle, you’re encouraged contact Vacaville police.