Vacaville Public Library to Host ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

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VACAVILLE — From police officers to superheroes, the Vacaville Public Library has had many people read books to kids over the past 15 years.

This Friday, the Vacaville Public Library at Town Square will host “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

“The idea is have an opportunity for kids to do stories and songs and dress up. And as you probably know, kids love dressing,” said Jessica Jupitus, the library’s deputy director for public services.

Jupitus said Solano Pride approached the library about having a drag queen read books to kids.

“Drag queens are often entertainers, which means that they’re good at the singing and the stories and things like that,” Jupitas said. “So, it’s child safe and friendly. The idea is that kids get an opportunity to meet a grownup who looks like a movie star and have a good time.”

In the past, other libraries have had success with the event. Last June, 140 people attended “Drag Queen Story Hour” when it took place in Vallejo.

But this type of event has not gone unopposed. FOX40 reached out to some on Facebook, who have expressed that it is not right to expose children to men who dress as women.

“We’re being very open and clear about it,” Jupitas said. “So, people can choose to come if they want to and choose not to if they don’t want to.”

Friday’s story hour will be from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“We really try to represent a very diverse community that is Solano County and our various branches. So, making sure we’re offering programs that are of interest to everybody in the community,”

Mother Anabelen Swank agreed and said she plans to take her two daughters to “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

“I think it teaches the kids about different social groups, you know, different cultures. That people come in all shapes, sizes, forms,” Swank said. “Helps teach acceptance. Helps them become a little more empathetic towards others and their experience in life. I think it’s important to expose kids to all walks of life.”


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