Vacaville residents worried about Tiny Homes project on Leisure Town Road

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VACAVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — A property on Leisure Town Road in Solano County may soon be the location of a tiny home shelter project. But it’s causing problems as residents say they only recently found out about the project. The Tiny Tuff Shed Project, originally approved by the Solano County Board of Supervisors, was supposed to break ground in 2018 on Brown Street in Vacaville. But now, Supervisor Skip Thompson confirms the tiny shelter project is being considered at a different location. Neighbors living near the proposed site said they recently found out about plans to relocate the project through their local newspaper. “Everybody who has lived here and tried to buy a house here have tried to improve their properties,” resident Bob Dunn told FOX40. Dunn has lived next door to the property for four and a half years, which was formerly a group home named Hope House, and he says he now worries about his family’s safety. “It turned our world upside down. Everything we that we wanted and that we thought we were going to come here for is gone,” Dunn said. The previous location for the project in Vacaville was supposed to house 10 people, but residents were concerned about proximity to schools, diminishing property values and overall safety. “They didn’t get their way over there, and it’s not that this is an empty lot that no one wanted. There’s people that want this lot,” Dunn said. But according to staff reports, the county is hoping to purchase 6996 Leisure Town Road for $550,000. Thomson, who spearheaded the Brown Street Tuff Shed Project, confirmed over the phone that the Tiny Home Project is included in the new shelter plan. “It’s concerning to not know the people that are going to be here,” resident Roy Stockton said. “Are they sex registrants? Do they have mental health issues? Do they have substance abuse issues?” Residents say they want to help those in need of shelter, but they’re asking for more transparency from the county. “Everybody that lives in this area deserves to know what the plan is so that they can make sure that their families are safe,” Stockton said.
Supervisor Thompson released the following statement in response to the concerns: 
“Using the Brown Street property for the tiny shelters project would have been most ideal due to the services that were needed being located next door. However, with the increasing NIMBY issues coming from the neighborhood, there was a safety concern for the individuals that would be staying in the tiny shelters. Leisure Town Road was a property that was chosen by the City Council and Mayor as a good location to house people due to the property having previously been a group home in which there doesn’t appear to have been any problems. Transportation to services and other needs is still a concern, but it is my hope that when the County issues a request for proposals to run the project, transportation will be included in the contract. 6996 Leisure Town Road is a good compromise. It gives the County a chance to house even more people with individuals starting in the tiny homes and being able to graduate up into the home, and then on to permanent housing and is a property that the Mayor and City Council of Vacaville put forward as an ideal location.”

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