Vaccination clinic for educators moves San Joaquin County closer to reopening schools

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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — San Joaquin County educators are getting vaccinated which means teachers and students in the county’s 14 school districts are one step closer to getting back on campus. 

“It’s been 11 months now that some children have been online learning. We need to get them back in the classroom and we need to do that very soon,” San Joaquin County Superintendent of Schools James Mousalimas told FOX40 Tuesday.

Mousalimas said the San Joaquin County Office of Education jumped at the chance to host a vaccination clinic for school employees. Thousands of people didn’t hesitate to sign up. 

“it’s not just about us and protecting us it’s about protecting our loved ones and protecting students, protecting the community,” he said.

School nurses from across the county who are used to taking care of students are now taking care of their colleagues by helping to organize the clinic and even administer the shots alongside other county health volunteers.  

“It’s truly been a joint effort and a community effort to pull this off,” Mousalimas said.

Until March 3, the vaccination clinic is open to all kindergarten through 12th-grade employees from all of the county’s public, private and charter schools. 

“Any school employee is eligible for that and that includes bus drivers, food service, office staff workers, instructional assistants,” Mousalimas explained. “Whether you work in a classroom or not.”

County public health officials allocated 11,300 Pfizer doses for the clinic which is averaging 300 shots an hour. 

“I truly believe that this is a game changer for the children in our county and for the community as a whole,” Mousalimas said.

The office of education said the clinics are part of their push to get all of the district’s staff and students back on campus and in classrooms as quickly and safely as possible.  

“We want all children back in the classroom, in person. And this is a path towards that end. And so, we’re absolutely committed to doing this,” Mousalimas said

The county office of education is separate from each local school district, which will make their own decision about when to return for in-person learning. 

For more information about the vaccination clinic visit our website, click or tap here

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