Vegan Vandal Spray-Paints Nugget Market in Davis

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DAVIS — A Yolo County judge released a suspected vegan vandal who painted slogans on the walls of the Nugget Market on East Covell Boulevard. But 24-year-old Stephanie Manzano still faces felony vandalism and assault charges.

Davis police say Manzano struck a Nugget employee in the face when he confronted her as she was spray-painting the wall. She also supposedly spray-painted the employee during the struggle.

There was some harsh responses to an article about the incident in the Davis Enterprise, basically agreeing with Nugget shopper Roland Winiarczuk.

“I think that’s terrible…people should not do that…you got a point or an issue, talk to whoever you got to talk to, but don’t spray the heck out of the building,” said Winiarczuk.

Davis vegan activist Anya McCann was quick to condemn Manzano’s actions.

McCann is a member of Davis Vegans and founded Cool Cuisine, a group of 500 supporters of plant-based food and cooking. It encourages restaurants to go with vegetarian items on their menus and organizes lunch and dinner meet ups.

She says going vegan is a gradual process that requires support and education.

“Peaceful protest if maybe you’re going to be protesting. We certainly don’t think violence is warranted,” said McCann.

It’s ironic that McCann believes Nugget is a supporter of the effort of local vegans.

“Nugget is one of the stores that provides food that we eat, specialty foods, and we’re just disappointed that this happened in our community,” said McCann.

Manzano was released on her own recognizance, perhaps because the Nugget employee who detained her didn’t require any medical attention.

Police say she caused $400 damage to store property and $50 in paint damage to the employees clothing.

She is required to be back in court in January.

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