SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Vegetation fires are breaking out every day now in the Sacramento area during critically dry conditions, and firefighters said many of those fires are cases of arson.

“It seems like every fire season gets just a little bit busier,” Capt. Parker Wilbourn said.

Captain Wilbourn of Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District and Captain Keith Wade of the Sacramento Fire Department both said several of the recent grass fires have been arson.

“There are some intentionally set fires. We’ve had a couple of arrests,” Wilbourn said.

“Our investigators have been really busy trying to identify who might be setting these fires and why,” Wade told FOX40.

So far this spring, crews in the city and county have been able to contain all the grass fires quickly.

“Fortunately none of them have gotten out of control. The biggest fire we’ve had so far has been about 3 acres,” Wade said. “Any activity that the public is doing that can possibly spark a fire, they just need to take great care and make sure they check all the safety boxes prior to doing that activity.”

They also said to keep in mind that what starts as a vegetation fire can quickly become a house fire.

“Vegetation surrounding that building, catches on fire, it just keeps moving and it’s going to find a way to stay alive until firefighters arrive to suppress it and put it out,” Wade said.

“Be on the same page with your family. Have a meeting place, a designated meeting place. Have a to-go bag. Know the routes in and out of your community so you can safely exit, and have somewhere to go,” Wilbourn said.

Whether intentionally or accidentally set, fires put crews in danger, and in a season like this, they could use every break the public can provide.

“We’re a busy fire department. We’re early on in the summer season, and we’re not looking forward to what’s coming,” Wade said.

The fire captains emphasize that if you see anything suspicious in the area of a grass fire don’t hesitate to call 911 and report it.