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It happened Tuesday night at around 8:20 p.m., a shooting at the Madison Market in Stockton.

In all seven people were shot, three of the victims died.

23-year-old Kavin Kennebrew, 20-year-old Aliya Taylor, and 27-year-old Arniska Lofton didn’t survive. The other four victims are recovering in the hospital.

The scene in front of the market is marked by candles, after a candlelight vigil was held to remember and mourn the loss of the three victims. There was also a prayer service calling for peace Wednesday night.

Exclusive video shared with FOX40 reveals what may have led to the deadly gunfire; it shows a vicious fight between two girls.

A witness who was present for the fight did not want to speak on camera. That witness said the shooting happened because the man behind the cell phone instigated the brawl.

That man has also spoken on social media, claiming to be a surviving shooting victim.

The video is in two parts; showing the start of the fight, and the end of it. At the end, a woman is seen being jumped. Her hair is pulled, she is kicked in the face, and eventually she spits up blood. The person behind the camera laughs, and eventually the video stops.


Editor’s Warning: The video below is 6 minutes and 47 seconds long, and is almost entirely footage of violence. Although the countless expletives throughout the fight have been carefully censored, many may find this video to be both offensive and disturbing. The video also has brief nudity, which was also censored. Please view with caution.