Vicious Wild Boar Attacks Woman walking with Dogs

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A wild boar allegedly gored a woman several times as she was walking with her dogs.

The woman is still being treated for her injuries. She was walking her two dogs in the Gordon Valley area last week, when the boar attacked for apparently no reason.

“It come from behind and just knocked her down. And she kinda yelled and screamed,”Linda Bushey, who is neighbors with the woman, said.

After the initial attack, the woman thought the wild animal was leaving and tried to stand up. But the boar came back at her.

Its razor sharp tusks cut the woman three times, injuring her legs and arm. She grabbed her two dogs.

“Held on to them and stayed hunkered down real quiet and he finally left,” rancher Tim Wellman said.

She reported the attack to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, who are still investigating the incident.

Lt. Patrick Foy with the department says this could be the first unprovoked attack of a wild boar in California’s history.

Earlier this week, a team of three, including Wellman, hunted down the boar.

“Reached over the pig, and I got rid of Grover out of the way, and I just shot straight down through the neck with a pistol,” Wellman said.

He said the boar was unmistakable, with a distinguishing trait.

“He left one big foot track, because it was three-legged, that foot had grown huge,” Wellman added.

They believe they have eliminated the threat of a future attack.


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