(KTXL) — Almost back-to-back reports of rental scams prompted the Fairfield Police to warn the public about the ongoing issue. 

A person looking for a rental lost about $3,000 after sending money through Zelle to a “realtor.” Another victim lost nearly $3,500 before they realized they were being scammed. 

Both victims were able to tour the homes they wanted to rent. Police said one of them toured the home after they found the place unlocked, having been told another family had just been there to tour. 

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The other victim was able to see the home they were interested in after the scammer unlocked the door remotely. 

They realized it was a scam when one saw the home in another listing priced more expensively, and the other realized it was a scam after having to send a series of payments totaling $3,450. 

Police said there are signs to watch for that can keep people from becoming potential victims. 

•Being asked to pay a deposit or fee without seeing the unit
•Being avoidant when it comes to meeting in person
•If they say they live overseas or too far away and can’t go, it’s a red flag.
•Being asked for a deposit before a lease is even signed

Police said victims should contact police at 707-428-7300 or file a report online. A report can also be filed to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, which is run by the FBI.