PINE GROVE, Calif. (KTXL) — An apparently hungry bear almost made a snack out of an Amador County home’s doorbell camera earlier this week. 

Video shared by the owner shows the bear walking up to the camera and sniffing it before giving it a tap with its paw. The bear then appears to try and take a bite out of the camera. 

Unfortunately for the bear, it accidentally rang the doorbell, and the noise scared it off — at least for a few seconds. It promptly returned to the camera and tried to put the camera in its mouth again. 

An overhead camera captured the bear as it approached the doorbell camera a second time.

Another round of chewing was soon underway. The bear soon gave up on the camera, however, after it rang the doorbell a second time. 

According to the owner, Jason Hunter, the camera was left damaged but still operational. He said reached out to the camera company and told them the story, and the company will be giving him a new doorbell camera. 

It’s not uncommon for bears to get into some antics with homes being out in bear country. They will try to get into homes, sometimes even being able to climb in through the second floor. 

In one case, a bear cub once got stuck in a Lake Tahoe home and was clinging onto a window, trying to get back to its family. The mama bear patiently waited outside on the deck as the cub was rescued and returned.