Video captures two thieves stealing tires and rims from a Stockton family car

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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — New video released shows two thieves who steal all four tires and rims off a Stockton family’s parked car with pit crew-like efficiency.

The thieves struck just before 2 a.m. early Friday morning and were done in a matter of minutes, according to the car’s owners, Arti and Gurpreet Ghotra.

“I was going to drop my little one off to school and that’s when we realized there was no tires and rims on the car,” said Arti Ghotra.

Arti Ghotra said they had their brand new 2019 Toyota Camry for just a few months before the theft happened.

“My husband had to work hard just so we got this car,” said Arti Ghotra.

The video shows the crooks taking the tires and rims off one by one and then running toward a car waiting at the corner of Wagner Heights and Bransetter Place.

“They were really experts because our car alarm didn’t go off or anything, ” said Arti Ghotra. “I think they are just very sneaky.”

The couple said the theft isn’t just a violation, it’s a costly inconvenience. They’re now out hundreds of dollars for their deductible to cover the cost to replace all four tires and the rims, which the Ghotra’s said are almost $600 each, plus the damage done to the car.

“We can’t drive the car right now because it’s making a loud noise,” said Arti Ghotra.

“Even after putting our rims back, rims and tires back, yeah, it still has some noises coming from the wheels,” said Gurpreet Ghotra.

The Ghotra’s said this isn’t the first time a crime like this has happened in their neighborhood, so they’re hoping police will step up patrols to protect people’s property.

“We even have the cameras but it makes us feel like we still have to stay up at night just watching for our cars, making sure everything is good, you know,” said Arti Ghotra.  “Any beep that goes on our cameras, my husband gets up, my dad gets up to see if everything is OK.”

In the meantime, the Ghotra’s bought rim locks and said they’ll be parking their cars in the garage or behind their fenced-in gate from now on.

Stockon police officials said they are investigating this new trend of tire and rims theft.

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