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A video posted online of a group of men attacking a woman has left many, sex trafficking groups, disturbed.

The YouTube video was posted by a Sacramento man, and what he and his friends capture on video from their car has apparently happened at least once before.

“I just did my first one,” you hear one man’s voice say proudly.

The women who is victimized in the video is not their first victim.

“[…]told her to look one way[…] hit her with the other,” the man goes on, describing what he did.

What the men are driving around looking for isn’t clear at first, and hard to believe until they find a victim.

“What do you want?” asks the woman who they pull up next to at a gas station.

The men pose as “Johns” looking for a prostitute. And what happens when they invite the woman into their car is disgusting.

One man punches her hard in the face and she falls over.

FOX40 showed the video to Stephanie Midthun. She is a chaplain with Courage World Wide, a group that helps victims of sex trafficking.

“It’s horrific. it’s horrific,” Midthun said.

In particular, she points out how the men explode into sustained laughter after they strike the woman.

“It’s just one small glimpse. If that outrages you, think of that times a thousand,” Midthun said. “Those are the kinds of situations these girls are in.”

In a mind-set, she says, that views women working in the sex trade more as criminals than as victims themselves.