FAIR OAKS, Calif. (KTXL) — An angry parent was caught on video swinging at an umpire after the Del Campo Varsity Baseball Team beat Buhach Colony after the high school playoff game.

Coaches said it happened after a couple of close calls seemed to be the deciding factor that gave Del Campo the upper hand in its walk-off victory against Buhach High School Monday night. 

According to reports, the parent who was swinging at the umpire is from Buhach Colony.

This morning the San Juan Unified School District out a statement saying, “This unfortunate incident is a reminder for us all to uphold a level of sportsmanship and respect for everyone involved in athletic competitions.”

On Wednesday, there was supposed to be Game 2 in a best of 3 series, but after the video surfaced of a parent taking a swing at the umpire it was postponed. The California Interscholastic Federation decided it needed more time to investigate.  

“I just think it’s unfortunate. Looking forward to just continuing to compete with our team and progressing throughout the playoffs and just waiting for that opportunity,” Del Campo Coach Kevin Dawidczik said.

Wednesday’s game between the two teams could have been the difference-maker for who goes to CIF finals. 

“Every call that I’ve made and an official makes in every sport there’s going to be somebody happy and disappointed about the call and never should it get to the point where it becomes a physical confrontation over a call,” Chris Charles from the Umpires Association said.

State umpire officials said they actually train other umpires to de-escalate the types of situations that happen, like the one that happened after that CIF playoff game.

It is an arrestable offense to assault a game official, and there could be legal repercussions against this parent.