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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office released video of a deputy shooting a man who attacked him with a rock on Sept. 7. 

Authorities identified the man suspected of attacking the officer as 26-year-old Darren Napolean Stone, “who is well known to regional law enforcement.”

The incident began just before 10 p.m. when a 72-year-old woman called for help after her grandson attacked her and pulled her out of her vehicle before driving off. The woman was left in the street and was hospitalized with a possibly fractured arm.

Minutes later, an Arden-Arcade resident on Maple Glen Road called the sheriff’s office to say a vehicle had crashed into a ditch outside their house. The sheriff’s office said the caller’s elderly family member went to check on the crash when the driver, later identified as Napolean, got out and attacked them. 

Video shows Napolean walk away from the crash and onto the porch of another Maple Glen house to try to open the locked front door. When he couldn’t get inside, he picked up a large rock and rang the doorbell. After no one answered, he walked down the street with the rock still in his hand. 

The first Sacramento County deputy to get to the neighborhood later said the man ignored orders to stop walking. When he was confronted outside of the patrol SUV, the man hit the deputy in the head with the rock.

The sheriff’s office said the deputy dropped to the ground and fired his gun five times when the man started fighting him.

The deputy, an 11-year veteran, suffered a concussion and is expected to make a full recovery. 

Napolean will be booked into jail on multiple felony charges once he is released from the hospital, the sheriff’s office said.