Video: Runaway Big Rig Slams into Cars Parked Outside Jackson Diner

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JACKSON — A parked big rig rolled away, plowing into several cars parked in front of a restaurant in Jackson.

Sandy Andrade is always thankful for the good food at Mel’s Diner but the day before Thanksgiving she left feeling grateful for something else.

“We heard the first crash and it made me look out the window,” Andrade said. “I saw the big diesel tractor truck kind of going like this through the window, trying to climb over top of all these cars and I thought for sure it was coming into the restaurant.”

Surveillance cameras at the diner caught the driverless big rig, which was hauling a tractor, roll down the slight hill from the back of the parking lot, picking up steam before slamming into several vehicles out front.

“It was a horrible noise,” Andrade recalled. “Just like metal being crunched.”

The driver of the big rig was at the counter eating inside. The video shows him jumping up after it comes to a stop.

“We got up and came out here and was like, ‘Oh God, our truck’s out there. Oh God, our truck’s out there!'” Andrade said.

Co-owner of Mel’s Diner Bart Gillman was downstairs.

“I came up and looking out the front door I could see the grill of a big rig,” Gillman told FOX40.

The big rig mowed down the handrails and hit a pillar. The impact cracked a clock out front.

“People inside the restaurant did say it shook the building a little bit,” Gillman said.

Andrade left Mel’s Diner Wednesday with pictures of her totaled truck. But she was thankful no one was hurt.

“They have benches in there for people to wait. Had that truck come in and there was somebody sitting there it would have hurt those people,” she said. “It was a miracle that nobody got hurt. Nobody was out here, it was a miracle.”

There was no structural damage to the building and after cleaning up the broken glass and metal they were able to keep their doors open.

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