WINTERS, Calif. (KTXL) — Members of the Winters community gathered at Saint Anthony Catholic Church Saturday to hold a vigil for a teen who has been missing since last Sunday after a truck crashed into Lake Solano County Park near Winters.

Deputies rescued one teen, but never found 18-year-old Eduardo Fierros when that truck was recovered.

“We are keeping each other together and we are keeping each other strong,” said Pedro Garcia, a close friend of Eduardo.

Garcia and many others close to Fierros are hoping he returns home.

“He was very loving and caring and probably the most loyal person I have ever met. I know he wouldn’t have given up if it was anyone one of us in that situation,” he said.

Rescuers, family, and friends of Fierros continued searching for him near the creek where the truck went in early Saturday.

“We need to find closure; we need to know what happened at the accident and we need to bring Eduardo home,” said Fierro’s cousin Dago Fierros.

First responders said the red truck was fully submerged in the water and that a young man who was rescued told deputies his friend Fierros was still in the truck.

“The family has been having a very difficult time. They had a son, Eduardo’s older brother who passed away in a fatal car accident, 9 years ago north of Winters as well. The family has to relive this again,” Dago Fierros explained.

The family asks if anyone has any resources or equipment to help with the search to please reach out.