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Transgender men, women and their supporters came to Sacramento’s Trinity Cathedral Saturday to take part in a National Transgender Day of Remembrance.

“Its just really overwhelming for me sometimes,” Trudi Annalise Mathison said.

Mathison is not only a transgender woman, but an army veteran. A combination, she told FOX40, that made her transition more intimidating.

“It is difficult because you’re hiding who you want to be. When you’re younger it’s hard, but as you get older, you learn more about yourself,” said Mathison.

“I have been trained by media representatives not to use words like battle and war. But I am a warrior. Trained to fight and win. I know a war when I see one. And this is a war,” Captain Sage Fox said.

Captain Fox is also a transgender veteran. She stood amongst her peers who read the stories of those men and women who didn’t live to share their own.

In 2014, there were at least 270 documented cases of transgender men and women who were killed, worldwide.

“It just made me feel so much better and I did really well with that so, Im on my way,” said Mathison.

Mathison says she hopes to pay forward all of the kindness she has received by becoming a counselor herself. She wants to help other transgender people make their transitions.