September 24 2021 03:30 pm

Vigil held in Davis to remember those killed by police

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DAVIS, Calif. (KTXL) — Well over 100 people attended the gathering and vigil that focused on Black lives lost at the hands of law enforcement and racism in America. 

In the near future, the people at that gathering will be fighting for justice through America’s legal system. 

“Be more active in issues that really affect us in general,” Blanco said. 

Friday night, their courtroom of influence was the stage and surrounding grass at Davis’ Central Park. The turnout was organized by the La Raza Pre-Law Student Association at UC Davis. 

The group says it has chosen to stay away from politicians in the past but adds not on this topic. 

“We are typically apolitical just because we like to welcome everybody, but in a way we are political just because you don’t see many people like us in the law field or the legal field,” said Jennifer Melgoza. 

Behind Friday night’s speakers is what is known as the solidarity space — a tribute to those killed by police. 

Earlier this week and shortly before the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, items were removed. But just as fast as the items vanished, they were replaced. The space was filled with more messages and pictures just days later. 

“Those stories that are happening far away in those underserved areas are happening right here. I have seen them,” said Mayor Gloria Partida. 

Among those attending and speaking at the vigil Friday night was Davis Mayor Partida. She says that while she was shocked to see the mementos missing, she was happy to see what happened next. 

“It was very satisfying to see how quickly everything was returned by the community,” Partida said. 

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