Vigilant Couple Thwarts Possible Child Abduction in Vacaville

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VACAVILLE – "Stranger danger." It’s a warning we tell kids all the time.

Three kids heeded that warning Friday evening in Vacaville in what investigators are calling an attempted kidnapping.

It all happened right next to Sierra Vista School, where kids are often out and about playing.

However, some watchful neighbors stepped in to prevent anything bad from happening. The couple who made sure the kids stayed safe is new to the neighborhood.

“We just bought this house and just moved in,” said Tony Fuzie.

Their evening of unpacking was interrupted by a child’s scream.

“Saying, ‘The man’s trying to get me, the man’s trying to get me,’” Fuzie said.

Three kids, two on bikes, one on a scooter, came zooming by Christina Ramos and her husband's new Vacaville home.

“The kids were just really afraid. I would be too if somebody tried to snatch me,” Ramos said.

Police say the kids, just 10 to 12 years old, were riding around the area of Bel Air Drive and Woodbury Circle just before 7 p.m. A man in a dark Dodge Ram truck pulled up, offering the kids money to get into his truck. They refused.

“I guess the guy then got out of his car and tried to grab one of the kids,” Ramos said.

The kids took off down the street screaming. That's when Ramos saw them and stepped in to help.

“I told them, 'Get inside the house.' And I told the other two, 'Come up here and get inside and just stay here with me until the police get here.' That’s when I called 911," Ramos recalled.

Police are thankful the couple was there.

“It’s no doubt in my mind that without the swift action of a caring citizen, these boys could have been in greater harm,” said Vacaville Police Sgt. Jason Johnson.

Now, he's urging all parents to talk to their kids about neighborhood safety. Ramos already has.

“It was kind of a learning experience. We were driving home with them in the car that night," Ramos said. "I was telling them, 'You need to be vigilant like these kids were.' They stuck together. I think that’s what kept the guy away from them."

If you know anything about this incident, you’re asked to call the Vacaville Police Department.


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