Visitors come out in droves to Folsom Lake to see rare, purple superbloom

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FOLSOM, Calif. (KTXL) – An explosion of purple lupines is making a rare superbloom appearance at the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.

The dry lakebed and shoreline dominated by rocks and sand were a sea of purple blanketed by acres of lupines that drew Ginny Douglas to the lake Monday. 

“We’ve done nature hikes, but I’ve never seen anything like this, here or anywhere,” Douglas told FOX40.

Superblooms happen when the timing of temperature, rainfall and dry spells are aligned just right. 

“I suspect it rained at the right time and that’s why the flowers are spectacular,” explained cyclist Ed Mayer.

Different wildflowers have their own weather sweet spots but generally come around at different areas once every 10 years or so.

“Death Valley had one a few years ago that was beyond amazing, but this is spectacular especially with the rocks,” visitor Mike Beaumont told FOX40.

The superbloom enticed families, young people and retirees to come out in droves and almost everyone had a cellphone or camera.

Many of the people were no strangers to hiking trails at the state park, but not a lot of them have witnessed a superbloom.

A biking group that rides by the lake once a week told FOX40 they haven’t seen anything like it — the flowers or the people. 

“Never see this many cars, usually two or three cars,” said cyclist Jim McCandless.

The parking lots at the Beeks Bight Nature Area were closed early and rangers had to remind visitors not to park on the side of the narrow roads. 

Some visitors dressed up instead of wearing hiking attire after seeing Instagram photos of the superbloom. 

“We wanted to dress all florally to match the flowers,” explained visitor Hannah Lupse. 

“We love taking pictures so we wanted to dress up for this rare occasion,” explained visitor Jessica Jhja.

People are making the most of the moment. Superblooms usually last just two to four weeks. 

While the biggest crowds and parking problems were at the Granite Bay section of Folsom Lake, the lupines are blooming in other less-crowded portions of the lake as well. 

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