SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento county voting officials want residents to know a few things before heading to the polls on Tuesday. 

California voters will make their picks for the positions of governor, attorney general, treasurer and many others if they haven’t already.

It may seem overwhelming, but there are county volunteers at each that will help you along in the process. 

“As soon as a voter comes in, we’re excited,” Eben Burgoon, vote center inspector, said. “We’re cheering; we’re excited for them to come because we want voting to be something that you look forward to.”

County officials said in-person voting on election day is becoming less popular, however.

“Since we instituted the voter’s choice act model in our county in June of 2018, Voters have chosen more so year over year to utilize those vote-by-mail ballots, either dropping them back in the mail or dropping them in the dropbox,” Janna Haynes, with the county said. “We see less than 10% turnout every election with people actually voting in person.” 

Despite the surging popularity of mail-in and drop-off ballots, there could be lines at the vote center. Volunteers ask that you have a good attitude and be patient. 

“We’re also a non-ID state, so you don’t have to present ID to prove who you are. We’ll settle that all through our conditional ballot registration so you can register to vote. You can get your voice cast in that ballot and the county will figure out how to count it,” Burgoon said.

Voters will also have to fill out a conditional voter registration form and decide if they want to fill out the ballot via touch screen or printed ballot.

“With the accessibility of the touchscreen, somebody who’s blind for instance, it will read every single facet of the ballot to them so they can make an informed choice and not make a mistake,” Burgoon said.

Eben said that they are there to help.

Masks are not required, but masks will be available and booths will be sanitized.