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ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) – As pop-up hospitals go up around the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, one local company is making pop-up PPE HeroCarts to help health care workers.

“I think that’s one thing that’s kind of forgotten sometimes is how isolating this disease can feel. You don’t have loved ones coming to visit you. You don’t have the normal comforts that you have when you are sick. I think part of the goal is to have this so they can place their personal belongings and have a little section of their world in this popup hospital,” registered nurse Melissa Jordan said. 

Just as field hospitals are emergency adaptations, so is the recyclable medical cart.  

Tag Neal’s company, TAGCarts, normally makes regular carts for the medical supplies you’d find in a medical office or hospital.

“We looked at how we could help and made that pivot. We came up with a disposable, single-patient use cart product and this product could be used at the patient bedside,” Neal explained. 

While typical medical carts come empty, these carts come stocked with gloves and face coverings. 

Though the HeroCarts are named for the health care workers on the front lines of the pandemic, they are assembled by a different type of hero — the veterans and people with disabilities who make up PRIDE industries. 

So far, they’ve made hundreds of the carts. 

Some carts are on standby in case the Sleep Train Arena field hospital is put into service, and hundreds more are headed for the Navajo Nation in the Southwest.

Kimberly Shaw, another registered nurse who came out to get a look at the HeroCarts, says she appreciates people wanting to support medical professionals during these times. 

And says while not everyone can put together a HeroCart, there is something even easier you can do.

“Do not get sick. Stay healthy. Do everything we ask, masking is one of the best ways to do that,” Shaw said. 

The HeroCarts are made possible by donations. If you’re interested in helping, click HERE.