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SACRAMENTO — Tanya Bean-Garrett has lived in her Oak Park home for 19 years with her four boys.

It’s a place of comfort but it’s also a place of heartache. It’s where she lost one of her sons.

Deston Garrett was shot by a friend following an argument. He died two days later. A tragedy like that would drive most people from their homes — but not Tanya.

“Did I want to move? Hell yeah, but then I’m taking my spirit,” she told FOX40.

She decided to refocus her energy by starting a nonprofit to help families in Oak Park.

“I found ways to get involved in the community because sometimes we get caught up in our pain,” she said. “We forget about our passion.”

But with her focus elsewhere, her home has been unattended — with leaves all over the yard and cracked walls. It’s been a financial burden on Tanya, until now.

“Here comes Habitat for Humanity, to the rescue,” she said.

For the first time, Habitat for Humanity is having a “Rock The Block” in Oak Park. Three hundred volunteers from Leadership Sacramento, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and other groups are helping out.

“It’s giving back for a cause and I’m happy to help,” volunteer Edmund Parcero said.

Parcero, a Wells Fargo banker, says the decision to help out was easy.

“The more people we help out, the better, but everyone helps out and everyone gives back,” Parcero said.

Seventeen homes will be revitalized over the weekend. Those homes, for some, mean so much more than just a roof above their heads.

“It’s history,” Tanya said. “It’s where it all began.”