Volunteers work to clean, repair Sacramento shops ransacked by looters

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Franks Yan’s hopes are shattered along with the windows to his downtown Sacramento business, Kicx Unlimited.

“I felt devastated,” Yan told FOX40. “It really just hurts my heart.”

Looters ransacked the high-end sneaker store Saturday night as protests over George Floyd’s in-custody death took a destructive turn.

“I can understand protests, you know. But this is not the way to do it. You don’t repay evil with evil,” said Yan.

Businesses across the downtown region are dealing with the aftermath from Macy’s to Navin’s to Sharif Jewelers on K Street.

The fourth-generation family-owned store is cleaning up thousands of dollars in damage from a smashed front entrance to crushed display cases.

They were able to save most of the jewelry by locking it away in a safe.

Volunteers like Rick Bufalini are meeting Saturday night’s destruction with compassion.

“I agree with the protesters, the peaceful ones,” said Bufalini. “I’m still just here to help clean up.”

The Rocklin contractor was one of many volunteers who boarded up windows and repaired the damage free of charge.

“I know everyone got hit with the corona and being shut down and now everything that people worked for is getting destroyed. I just thought I could come and be of some kind of help to someone,” explained Bufalini.

Volunteers are doing their part to repair what’s broken on the surface but fixing the pain in the community will take much more than boards and saws.

“I mean, this is not what Sacramento is all about. It really isn’t,” said Yan.


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