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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — After decades of searching and years of litigation since his 2018 arrest, Roy Charles Waller, the man accused of being the NorCal Rapist, was found guilty today on all 46 accounts against him.

Waller was arrested in Sept. in a series of more than ten rapes and kidnappings committed between 1991–2006 in six Northern California counties.

The verdict in Waller’s case came just after a couple of hours of jury deliberations.

Victims of the NorCal Rapist were inside the courtroom as his fate was decided. It was the result that many victims told FOX40 that they were waiting decades for.

“It felt so good, and it looked like maybe he was crying last night,” said Teresa Lane, one of the NorCal Rapist’s victims.

Lane was attacked in her Vallejo home in Feb. 1992 when she was 30 years old.

The guilty verdict was one she thought, for decades, she might never hear.

“I say DNA is what ended this case, you know?” she said.

In 2018, investigators used DNA evidence from crime scenes to find a match on the online DNA service GEDMatch. That led to a relative of Waller — and ultimately, his arrest.

“Twenty-nine years and waiting, a lot of work went into solving this case,” said Nicole Ernest-Payte, a NorCal Rapist victim. “Couldn’t be more grateful to everyone involved.”

Ernest-Payte was attacked in her Rohnert Park home back in 1991 when she was 21.

While Ernest-Payte said she’s relieved, she added that Waller still needs to be sentenced: “It’s a good day. I’ll have more to say after the sentencing — it’s not over until then.”

A member of the jury, Juror #7 — who gave his name as Michael H. — told reporters deliberations only took about two-and-a-half hours.

“The DNA was the main reason we all knew it was a slam-dunk case,” he said. “DNA don’t lie.”

In the end, he said Waller’s defense team did not provide any alibis or evidence to prove he was not guilty: “You know, he didn’t have no witnesses to say, ‘Oh I wasn’t there; I didn’t do it…’ None of his witnesses showed up, so.”

Outside the courthouse, Waller’s attorney Joseph Farina had no comment on the outcome of the case, but prosecutors did make a brief statement:

“We’re just thankful that DNA was there and that the victims were able to receive justice, no matter how long it took,” said Keith Hill of the Sac County District Attorney’s Office.

Lane said that justice feels good.

“Yeah, I just feel like there’s some things that will never go away, but he’s going away, so thank you,” she said. “And I thank all the attorneys who have been so amazing. I can’t say enough.”

Waller will be sentenced on Dec. 18 at 10:30 a.m.