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Trinidad James, a popular rapper talks about it in “All Gold Everything”, one of his hit songs.

“Pop the molly, I’m sweating,” just a portion of the lyrics.

It seems like all fun and games, but what the popular rapper is talking about is a highly addictive drug.

“Molly is ecstasy with a new name,” said Jon Daily, Founder of Recovery Happens Counseling.

Molly is widely popular right now, there’s even videos on YouTube of people “Molly tripping.” The goal is to ingest it, and film your reaction to it.

The drug is potent and usually hallucinations are the aftermath of taking it. Molly can also cause brain damage and can lead to organ failure.

“People 14 years old to 16 are taking it and even college students,” said Daily.

Molly runs from $6-$25 per pill.

Molly is short for Molecule and it’s said to be the purest form of ecstasy, or pure MDMA, giving the impression that it’s not a bad drug.

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