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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Water agencies want residents to know they can get paid to conserve water at home. 

Cities offering more money for conservation efforts at home have seen a jump in rebate applicants, and new data shows a few local cities have even seen applications double with an increase in rebates. 

“A lot of agencies have doubled or tripled, the rebate amounts just to draw people in a little bit more. And so what we’re seeing is an uptick in rebate participation because of that,” Amy Talbot, with the Regional Water Authority, said.

Local water leaders gathered at the Nature Conservation building Thursday to celebrate some recent successes and unveil a new mural.

Roseville, Folsom and Sacramento are three of the cities that have stepped up to fund rebate conservation efforts and have seen a jump in applicants.

“Last year, we actually doubled the rebates, so we went from $1.50 per square foot to about $3 per square foot,” Carlos Eliason, With the Sacramento Department of Utilities said. “We’re considering bringing it back if we can find the money to be able to help that out. That made our numbers skyrocket rocket basically.”

And replacing lawns with a desert landscape or turf has been one of the city of Sacramento’s main focuses. It’s now converted about 1 million square feet of grass into a drought-tolerant landscape. Residents can also rework the inside of their homes.

“Let’s say it costs $2,000 to upgrade your yard. For them, maybe give you $1,000 towards that so they’ll pay a part of it,” Talbot explained. “And those rebates vary both indoor and outdoor, so you can replace your toilet with a high-efficiency fixture. You can also put low water use plants in your landscape to replace turf.”

To see the wide variety of rebates, head to Bewatersmart.Info. Then, click rebates on the home page and check out the chart to look at your water provider.