FOLSOM, Calif. (KTXL) — The lake levels at Folsom Lake are about 418 feet above sea level, according to the Folsom Sector Superintendent Richard Preston-LeMay. However, they are dropping approximately “one-half a vertical foot per day.”

People who currently park their boats at the marina are starting to remove them into dry storage. Preston-LeMay said that before the water level reaches 414 feet in elevation all boats will need to be removed from their slips.

Launching is “now open and available at Hobie Cove and the marina ramps at Brown’s Ravine, Folsom Point, and at Granite Bay park entrances.” However, Folsom Point will go out of service when water reaches approximately 408 feet above sea level.

Preston-LeMay also mentioned that the only speed limit currently on the lake is within 200 feet of the shore. However, as the water levels in the lake continue to drop, more navigational hazards will occur, and people on the lake should use caution when operating their vessels.