Waterford Community Members, Property Hit by Paintballs

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WATERFORD — A small town is on alert for vandals shooting unsuspecting people and property with paintballs.

Nico di Fede is one of two people shot with a paintball in the last few days.

“I didn’t even know what happened in that moment,” he said.

Fede was walking to a nearby store on Tim Bell Road in Waterford when he was hit.

“I had headphones in, so I didn’t hear anything. I just felt like a pain in my thigh and I just looked down and there was just paint,” Fede said.

Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputies report one other man was also shot with a paintball Tuesday night.

Gerald Nightingale says his mailbox was hit too.

“I come out to check my mail and I notice there’s two yellow spots where paintballs had hit,” He said. “One was on my box and one was on the box just above me.”

Nightingale says the paintball attacks are no prank, they’re potentially dangerous.

“It’s a lot more concerning when it’s people that are targeted because those paintballs can do a lot of damage if they hit the right spot,” he said.

Waterford police say they’re working hard to find whoever is responsible to stop the attacks from happening again.

Waterford Police Services is asking anyone else who may be a victim of the paintballers to come forward.


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