Watering Restrictions Impacting Cemetery Grass in Galt

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More than a dozen people who have relatives buried at the Galt Cemetery attended the Wednesday night meeting of the Galt-Arno Cemetery District Board of Trustees, looking for answers about the condition of the grass there.

The majority of the grass on the 91-acre cemetery at the corner of Joy Drive and Kost Road was a brownish color Wednesday afternoon.

“This looks terrible,” said Ken Johnson, who has several relatives, including his son Ken Jr., buried at the cemetery. “I don’t think there’s any excuse for it.”

“My mom was buried 17-and-a-half months ago,” said one of several people who spoke out at the meeting. “She does not have one speck of grass on her cemetery plot. She has a big mound of dirt .”

“It’s a very difficult position,” said cemetery manager Tim Mrozinski.

Mrozinski and board chair Guy Rutter expressed sympathy for the people’s concerns during the meeting, and explained how they are trying to comply with state watering restrictions while the cemetery’s sprinkler system and the soil itself present additional challenges.

They said they formerly watered the cemetery 35 hours per week. But now, to conserve, they are down to three days per week, four hours per day.

One meeting attendee suggested aeration to help the grass retain water.

The cemetery is also challenged with a limited budget and only a part-time staff.

“Where can we find the money?” Mrozinski said. “That is an issue that I have to deal with on a daily basis.”

In the end, the cemetery representatives thanked members of the public for attending and offering input.

Rutter said the board will look into options to improve the condition of the grass.

“It might take a different mode of watering than we’re using,” Rutter said in a conversation with FOX40 following the meeting. “So we will address that concern as far as greening it up a little bit more, the best that we can, and monitor it and go from there.”

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