‘We are one community’: Natomas residents speak out against looting as businesses clean up damage

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NATOMAS, Calif. (KTXL) — Just across the river from downtown Sacramento, the diverse and normally peaceful community of Natomas was not immune from the vandalism and looting that fanned out from the downtown area Sunday night into early Monday morning.

Repair crews were busy into the afternoon at a Verizon store on North Freeway Boulevard. 

The Best Buy was also broken into and the Togo’s and Baskin-Robbins were hit, as were some of the shops and restaurants in the Bel Air shopping center on Arena Boulevard. 

While there was quite a bit of damage in Natomas there was also a lot of determination to not be defined by the vandalism and looting.

“The vandalism itself isn’t what the cause is for,” said Natomas resident Isaiah Wade. “We’re not about violence. We’re not about anything about that.”

“They got the attention they wanted,” said a resident named Siris. “I guess we just got to see where it goes from here. And I hope it does turn into something positive because a lot of people took some losses that really couldn‘t afford it, you know.”

“Between protesters and looters, it’s two different things because trying to lump it together really just creates a further divide that we don’t need, you know,” said business owner Danielle Marshall. “We are one community.”

Marshall is an adviser to businesses all over the state. She told FOX40 it is important to speak out against the senseless loss of life and centuries of inequality.

But she said looting and vandalism do not further the cause.

“If you’re a parent, if you’re a business owner, if you’re a community member, being comfortable with having those uncomfortable conversations with everyone is gonna be key,” Marshall said. “And then just making sure that we support and look out for our local community and our businesses.”

The Speaks family saw the damage while shopping Monday and spoke about how much there is to learn about how children see one another.

“We had to explain to them what this situation was all about,” said Josh Speaks. “And I don’t even know, for the little guys, how much it really still computes at this point because the idea that someone would treat their little brother differently because of the way he looks or cultural differences or anything like that, it doesn’t make sense to them.”


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