‘We had some people in tears’: Over 1,000 teachers in Nevada Union High School get their COVID-19 vaccines

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NEVADA COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — By the time the vaccination clinics finish at Nevada Union High School Friday, more than 1,000 of Nevada County’s nearly 1,400 educators will have gotten their shots.

That’s a big chunk of a targeted group for the county in one fell swoop. 

“Getting our kids back to school is really important and we can’t do that if we are asking our teachers to put their lives at risk,” said Ryan Gruver, Nevada County’s director of Health and Human Services.

The county is not ignoring those in the current vaccine tier per state guidelines. County officials said logistics and screening will take more time for other vulnerable groups.

“And I don’t want it to be lost that we are moving onto people 75 or older,” Gruver said. “We’re trying to avoid the approach that just throwing out a hundred doses and whoever can refresh their web browser the fastest gets that dose.”

County school officials were able to contact educators and nurses were able to distribute the vaccine quickly.

Teachers were eager to get their shots.

“We had some people in tears. They’re excited. They know it gives them a chance to either move to in-person learning or if they are currently in a hybrid model, to expand that,” said Scott Lay, Nevada County’s superintendent of schools.

The county and residents are still trying to deal with complex state vaccination guidelines and vaccine shortages. Their goal is keep from having doses go unused.

“We had several people try to get in and we politely turned them away,” Lay said. “It’s tough right now, everybody wants to get vaccinated.”

Nevada County officials joined other counties in urging patience, saying 28% of its population is 65 or older — a higher percentage than most counties. They added that they hope to prioritize that age group as more vaccines become available.

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