‘We Won’t Be Erased:’ Local Transgender Community Responds to Federal Proposal

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SACRAMENTO -- "This again hits me right in the belly because I'm not going to let Trump or anybody else count us out. I'm here to stay."

That's the message Bianca Lucrecia along with hundreds of people sent to Washington Wednesday night after a federal government memo leaked outlining plans to eliminate current protections for transgender people by redefining a person's gender only by what genitals were present at birth.

It's a message being delivered with a loud warning for those facing the possibility of their way of life being erased.

For Lucrecia, it was a critical moment of mass motivation. For Ethan Schwarzkopf, it was about being seen, one human to another, as one's authentic self.

"I don't want to go back to years ago where I was so uncomfortable and so miserable," Schwarzkopf said. "And now I look at my driver's license and it says 'male' and it says 'Ethan' and it's who I am. I don't want to have to go back to a life that just made me a miserable person and, honestly, a worse parent."

Schwarzkopf has only been living as Ethan for about three years, having birthed his two kids when he didn't feel whole.

"This is sad. It's truly sad that people would say OK to marginalizing a group of people that just want to be happy and just want to live their authentic lives," he said.


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