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What if love and marriage didn’t cost a thing?

“Well divorce surely isn’t free,” says Joey Adams, a 44-year-old single mom from Fair Oaks. “Sometimes love is not enough.”

But without love, what is marriage? Vacations, nice dinners and jewelry could put a smile on a woman’s face, says CEO of Steve Pasernak.

“Well at certain times, I have I admit, it would be nice to have a sugar daddy,” Adams says, even if it’s to pay for divorce. “I’m at a stand still at this point, I can’t afford the attorney to divorce my husband.”

Maybe can help. For the website’s 10th anniversary of connecting rich men with beautiful women, they are offering divorces to three Sacramento couples via

“A lot of people pay attention to the bigger cities like Los Angeles, so we figured we could give three Sacramento couples an opportunity to start fresh.” Pasernak says.

California divorces are the most expensive in the nation, according to, with lawyer fees costing about $350 an hour, on average.

To be considered for a free divorce, courtesy of, individuals most submit their reasons for wanting a divorce in-writing to by 5 p.m. July 31. The company founders will review all submissions and select the best three finalists to receive the complimentary divorce.

Another option is Sacramento County’s Divorce In A Day program. To see if you qualify: go to

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