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SACRAMENTO — During a normal workday, nurse Rennie Jemmings may have to find patients to treat, instead of the other way around.

She calls her day-to-day, which involves caring for Sacramento’s homeless, “organic.”

“So that’s what is so enjoyable about this job is that we get to help anybody and everybody,” Jemmings said. “We get to meet them where they are at that given moment.”

Before she was a street nurse, Jemmings worked in emergency rooms for 15 years. That’s when she says she realized the local homeless population had little access to adequate health care and decided to apply for the program through WellSpace Health.

“I realized that sometimes they just needed a break from the elements and maybe what they were coming in and asking for immediately was a sandwich or warm blanket or laying down on a gurney,” she told FOX40. “And it ended up that they had pneumonia or a big wound on their leg. And so I saw some people go to quick judgment that they were just coming in for that sandwich and maybe that was what they felt their immediate need was but they really needed extended care.”

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