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There are billboards on Interstate 80 touting the 30 motels on West Sacramento’s West Capitol Avenue. But, those who live in the area say those hotels are nothing to boast about.

“Too many crazy people out here. People walking up and down the streets all time of the night. People screaming back and forth,” said motel resident Raquel Castro.

West Sacramento police officer Sergio Alvarez is accused of hunting for assault victims in the midst of a population at risk.

“Yeah that’s very surprising,” said Castro.

Surprising to her, but not to some other folks who live in the area and who wanted to remain anonymous. They said they were aware of an officer forcing women into sexual situations to avoid charges for other issues like prostitution.

“A lot of people waking up and down the street. Streetwalkers … yes. I just pretty much stick up myself,” said Castro.

She hopes the officer’s arrest is a first step to cleaning up West Capitol Avenue.