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SACRAMENTO — After a tumultuous campaign season full of negative ads and name-calling, one West Sacramento family decided to take the divisions we face in this country head on, and begin to heal them with kindness. That message has multiplied.

In the Blanc’s kitchen, the whole family is hard at work cooking up something sweeter than any recipe could yield –kindness, through the slogan “Make America Kind Again”. The family works together to make campaign lawn signs, cups, decals and tote bags with the logo.

“We have had an overwhelming response from the community both local and national, actually, and it’s been pretty amazing,” said Amanda Blanc, who got the idea for her Make America Kind Again campaign while Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were embroiled in their own campaigns, which Blanc, like many Americans, found downright vicious at times.

She thought a little kindness is what the country needed right now.

“Everybody can see kindness, it doesn’t matter what you believe in,” Blanc said. “We’re allowed to be different, we’re allowed to have different thoughts. We’re a very diverse society.”

It started with one sign and a Facebook post. Then came requests from people wanting a sign of their own; more than 100 requests were sent the first day she posted a picture of the sign to Facebook.

Since then, orders have poured in from all over the country.

“It’s crazy, it’s hard to believe this is actually happening,” said Ryan Blanc, who works on the project alongside his wife.

The merchandise options have expanded, but the family has yet to expand its workforce beyond its own members. All the orders are sealed and shipped right from their home.

“I hope that people are trying to come together and trying to get rid of those divisions,” Amanda Blanc said.

No matter whom you cast a ballot for in the election, Amanda Blanc says she’s happy the votes for kindness are coming in strong.