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WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Recently a West Sacramento pastor has been thinking about strippers — not the dancers exactly but more about the business.

“I really don’t know where it really came from. It’s been several weeks ago first time it kind of popped into my head,” said Pastor Bob Sisemore. 

Sizemore said he, like many other religious leaders in California, has been frustrated that state orders say he can’t hold service. 

It was that boiling of emotions that made him wonder if the strip club by his Marysville home was still open. 

So, about a week ago, he decided to check. 

“How am I going to know if this is true if I don’t go look, you know?” Sisemore said. “And I didn’t go in but it seemed kinda obvious that it was open.”

The club is called City Limits Showgirls and on FOX40’s visit Friday night it was open. 

A voice recording on the adult entertainment club’s answering machine told those stopping by to bring protection. 

“Your safety and the safety of our staff is very important to us. So, please bring a facial covering as they are required for entry,” the recording said. 

The manager of City Limits Showgirls, Forest Oulman, also sent FOX40 a statement Friday night, saying, “The health of our community is important to us. We have been in communication with Yuba County and have been following the county’s strict guidelines since our reopening.”

But are they allowed to even be open? 

“They do fall under a vague area only because it’s not directly described by the state in its own guidance,” Yuba County spokesman Russ Brown said.

Brown said the county considered the question from multiple angles and technically speaking, he said the answer is no. 

“From our health officer’s point of view, it has to fall under either entertainment venue or more likely an inside office space of a nonessential business,” Brown said. “And those are not allowed to operate right now.” 

Sisemore said while he doesn’t agree with what may occur inside the strip club, he said he just wants everyone to play by the same rules. 

He said if they were both allowed to be open with safety precautions, he would have never reached out to a news station.