WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — People living in a West Sacramento neighborhood said enough is enough after cars continue to crash into their homes.

It’s happening in the area of Cummins Way and Sixth Street. Neighbors said it’s been years of problems and that the city won’t do anything to fix it.

It’s a story FOX40 first reported last year, and now, neighbors are calling on the city once again.

People living along Cummins Way call it the speedway, and just last week, a car crashed into a home at the end of the street. Homeowners said it is, unfortunately, not the first time, and it won’t be the last.

The front of Sarah Cassidy’s home is practically brand new.

“This whole wall had to be completely re-done,” Cassidy told FOX40.

That is because a car crashed into her home last May, and it happened again just last week.

“I was actually parked … about five minutes before my neighbor called me to tell me that another car had smashed into our home,” Cassidy said.

A city spokesperson said it was a police chase that ended in a crash at Cassidy’s home at the intersection of Sixth Street and Cummins Way. The car ended up in Cassidy’s 8-year-old son’s room.

(Photo from Sarah Cassidy)

Luckily, no one was home at the time. Cassidy’s fiance said it was too close of a call.

“This was the biggest fear that the child’s bedroom is right in the line of fire,” resident Damien Ladd said.

The frustration is nothing new. The people living in the area told FOX40 in June of 2021 that drivers continue to speed through the neighborhood.

The city’s solution to the issue is stop signs. The plan shows three stop signs will be placed right in front of Cassidy’s home.

But it isn’t good enough for the couple as they — and their neighbors — have continuously requested speed bumps.

“We weren’t asking for stop signs,” Cassidy said.

A city spokesperson wouldn’t do an on-camera interview, but they said speed bumps would cause a slow down in response times if emergency vehicles need access to the area.

It’s a response that doesn’t sit well with the couple.

“There’s speed bumps in lots of neighborhoods. I just don’t quite understand the explanation myself,” Ladd said.

Residents are now concerned about what is to come.

“At this point, there will be a next time,” Cassidy said.

The city said work to install the stop signs will happen in the next two weeks. The city will also create and replace additional signage.

We know there have been concerns with the intersection since it was originally built decades ago…long before the City incorporated, and we’ll continue to review and implement short and long-term measures to improve safety for the residents, starting with the installation of an all-way stop signs.  It’s also important to note that both incidents were unusual in that the first involved a chase between two vehicles resulting in the crash, and the second was a police pursuit of a fleeing suspect. 

Public Works will be conducting the work within the next two weeks:
– Striping and installation of thermoplastic street stencils of a 3-way stop at 6th Avenue and Cummins Way
– Removal and replacement of signage
– Installation of additional signage

City of West Sacramento