(KTXL) — West Sacramento’s firefighting goats are hard at work this season again, chowing down on grass and vegetation that serves as potential fuel for wildfires. 

The goats are taken to areas around the city that can be hard to reach with traditional machines, such as along the rivers and waterways. 

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“Our four-legged firefighting friends are once again chomping down tall grass and dry weeds in parks and various open spaces around town,” the city said.

Sometimes residents can spot the goats as they cross roads to get to new spots. But if you can’t get enough of them, West Sacramento released an interactive map showing the real-time locations where they are currently working. 

The map also shares goat facts, including why they make good firefighters and where they come from.

According to West Sacramento’s goat tracker, there is a herd of goats at Honda Hills-South River Road. They will be there until April 21. 

A herd of goats will be taken to The Bridge District on Friday and stay there until April 24.

“Goats are able to clear hard-to-access areas of the city, including steep banks of rivers,” the city said. 

Beginning on April 25, the city will move the goats to Heritage Oaks Field, at Lake Washington Boulevard and Village Parkway. The goats will be clearing the area of fire fuels until April 28.

The last area the goats will visit is Honda Hills, where they will be from April 25 to May 4.