What’s that Smell? Skunk at the State Capitol

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The stink, now a thing of the past at the State Capitol after a skunk left a bad taste and a bad smell Friday afternoon.

“We smelled something that was either a skunk or burnt popcorn,” said Erinn Ryberg a Capitol staffer.

Too bad it wasn’t burnt popcorn.

The Juvenile skunk got into one of the air-ducts from outside the Capitol building and unleashed its sour odor.

“It actually made you kind of light-headed,” remembers Ryberg.  “Luckily it went away after about an hour.”

Some of the clever staffers came up with the hashtag capitolskunk and began a series of tweets updating the situation.

Animal Control was called in to take care of the problem.

The officers got the skunk, and got a little more than what they bargained for.

“The skunk sprayed the Animal Control Officer and got a couple of bystanders as well,” said Larry Broussard a Chief of Staff at the Capitol.

By State law, which says small animals cannot be relocated, the skunk was put down.  And since it was also displaying unusual behavior the skunk was also tested for rabies.  The results won’t be known for several more days.

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