‘Where Do I Belong?’ First-Generation Americans React to Trump’s Plan to End Birthright Citizenship

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SACRAMENTO — The president’s promise to end birthright citizenship would have a huge impact on people across the country.

Maira Alejo and Jazmin Santacruz were born and raised in the United States and are now working in Sacramento. They’re both the children of immigrants.

“My sister and I were both born in the United States,” Santacruz said.

Santacruz and Alejo both say their families came to the U.S. from Mexico so they could have better lives.

“That’s the most amazing thing my parents ever did for me,” Alejo told FOX40.

But they are now processing the latest bold promise from President Donald Trump to stop immediately granting citizenship to children of immigrants who are born in the U.S.

It’s a right Santacruz and Alejo have benefitted from.

“Are we going to be citizens of this country or what country are we going to be citizens of?” Alejo said. “I’m not from there, I’m not from here. Where do I go, where do I belong?”

Immigration attorney Thomas Baker has been answering those questions from concerned and fearful clients who have been turning to him for guidance.

“I reassured them that they can’t do anything to take your citizenship away,” Baker said. “We’re getting phone calls from people who are worried about their children.”

Baker said it is very unlikely the president’s promise will become a reality.

“They are not going to affect you, they are not going to affect your children, I don’t think ever,” Baker said. “So what he wants to do is something that’s going to require a lot more power than he possesses. To make this happen you need a constitutional amendment, which he can’t do by himself.”

Whether or not the president follows through on his promise, the comments are upsetting to Santacruz and Alejo. But they also feel it’s simply political rhetoric.

“I think it’s just something to sort of get people riled up,” Santacruz said.

Everyone FOX40 spoke to said they feel the timing of the president’s comments is politically motivated since they are coming one week before the midterm elections.

Additionally, the president said the U.S. is the only country that grants citizenship to children born in the country. But Baker said that is not the case — 29 other countries, including Canada, also grant birthright citizenship.

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