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Take a look at this list — mothers, uncles, neighbors, classmates. This list is not just names but lives taken or forever changed in Tehama County on Nov. 14.

The deceased include:

Danny Lee Elliot, 38 years old, a dad to his young son Gage and a man devoted to his family.

“Danny would give you the shirt off his back even if he needed it,” said victim Jessie Allen Sanders.

Elliot’s mom, Diana Lee Steele, 68, was also killed. She was a grandmother — caring and kind.

“You never think this is going to happen to you, there’s no way you can prepare for it,” a family member said.

Joseph Edward McHugh III was 56. He was a loving father, uncle, brother and son.

Michelle Iris McFadyen was 55 years old — an aunt and wife.

And Barbara Ann Glisan, 38 years old, a woman who loved her dogs and worked at a local pizza shop.

“This is very tragic, extremely tragic,” said Frank Roman.

The injured include:

Tiffany Nai Phommathep is 31 years old and a mom of three. She risked her life to protect her little boys that tragic day.

“For her to be very brave, shielding herself on JJ when she took the gunfire, unbelievable,” said her husband, Johnny Phommathep.

JJ is 10 years old, Jake is 6 years old and Niko is 2 years old. The sweet Phommathep boys were all injured in the shooting.

“Children are innocent, I’ll never understand all these crazy shootings,” Johnny Phommathep said.

James Woods I, is 43 years old and a grandfather.

And his son, James Woods II, is 20 years old and a dad to a little boy and girl.

Jessie Allen Sanders is 39 years old and hailed as a hero for distracting the gunman.

“I see him shooting at the school and I said ‘Hey, shoot this way where there are no women and kids,” Sanders said.

Francisco Gudino Cardenas is 31 years old — a husband with a 3-year-old boy.

Troy Lee McFadyen is 47 years old, an uncle and husband.

Alejandro Hernandez is 6 years old, a little boy full of life.

And other children ages 6 to 10 years old, unnamed by the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office.

This list is an important one, etched in the minds of Rancho Tehama residents forever.

A group of people from different walks of life, now with a common thread that holds them together. Not being a victim of a gunman’s plot to kill, but rather being brave in the face of danger.